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Are you my future partner?

I just want to put this out there: I’m a solo developer currently doing a vertical slice demo of an online multiplayer racing simulator called Track Evolution™.

My plan is to keep the future team small. But I’m looking for potential partners to work with: physics programmers, audio engineers, environment artists and vehicle modelers. Both modders of AC, AMS1, rF2 or GPL as well as devs with experience of working with vehicles and driving experiences in game are welcome!

Also if you are a surveyor with experience in terrestrial LIDAR scans, I want YOU onboard as well! Oh, and, and, and, &, I need YOU who are experienced in working with manufactures around licensing!

I’m thinking primarily remote work to start with. But it would be cool if we could locate to Mjärdevi Science Park. Mantorp Park would be cool to. But I would like to still just have a 10 minutes walk home. And I quite like living in Linköping and not Mantorp. (No offence, but the people living in Mantorp would agree with me.)

My plan is to look for support via East Sweden Games once the vertical slice is done.

If you think you fit the bill, then go ahead and toot at me on Mastodon or drop me a line via email.

TL;DR sim car go WROOM!